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When Water Moves, Magic Happens

Deck Jet and Deck Jet II Water Effects create soothing sights and sounds to add peace and tranquility to your poolside experience. As economical as they are magical, Deck Jet and Deck Jet II Water Effects are easy to operate and maintain.

Deck Jet

  • Deck Jet includes 5 interchangeable water effect eyeballs that are easy to remove and simple to change (also includes construction shield)
  • Streams reach to 8 feet, and direction can be easily adjusted
  • Low-water-pressure requirement for minimum impact on pump performance

Deck Jet II

  • Height is adjustable to a maximum of 6 feet
  • Water direction is adjustable up to 360°
  • Easy-to-adjust nozzles enable your creativity: concentrate all streams into a single entry point, overlap streams of different heights or create a symmetrical, multistream archway...and more
  • Quality design assures low-water-flow requirements and eliminates any concerns about standing water or unwanted debris collection
  • Attractive installation with no unsightly or unsafe edges or screws

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