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Finally, a Fast and Simple Solution to the Challenge of Testing for Proper Functionality of Safety Vacuum Release Systems

The new SVRS Test Mat Kit, a product, which saves time and helps to determine if a vacuum release system is functioning properly in a pool and spa. Pentair's new and innovative SVRS Test Mat Kit includes a set of two robust, chemical-resistant test mats and a real-world method for testing the full suction system. Unlike valves installed at the pad, this test occurs in the water where entrapment can occur.

Testing is easy. We've even printed the step-by-step instructions directly onto each mat. Simply connect each individual test mat to a pool pole. Position each mat completely over the drains in the pool so they are fully blocked. The simulated entrapment event will engage the SVRS.

Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. strongly recommends that the Safety Vacuum Release System be checked on a regular basis. The test kit only determines if this safety release system is operating properly at the time of testing. 

The SVRS Test Mat Kit is the perfect companion to IntelliFlo® VS SVRS and IntelliPro® VS SVRS pumps, the first pumps with an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System that detects blockage of the drain and automatically shuts the pumps off.

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SVRS Test Mat Kit
Item Number Description Weight (lbs)
200074 SVRS Test Mat KIt (Set of 2) 6
  • *: Drains must be VGBSA compliant and meet ASME/ANSI A112.19.17 Suction Outlet Fitting and Cover Standards.

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