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Keep Your Pool Clean and Inviting

Routine pool maintenance will help you keep your pool looking clean, sparkling, and inviting day after day. Having the right collection of pool maintenance products and accessories at your disposal helps cut pool maintenance chores down to size, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool with family and friends. Select the brushes and poles, hand skimmers, leaf rakes and traps, and thermometers to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready to go.


  • Cleans spas, above ground pools, ponds, fountains and spot cleans large pools
  • Designed for use with a garden hose or 1-1/4 in. or 1-1/2 in. vacuum hose
  • MiniVac comes complete with silt bag, hose adapter, shut-off valve for garden hose use and snap-adapt handle for attaching PVC or telescopic poles
  • Includes brush attachment for use on vinyl, fiberglass or smooth plaster surfaces and a nozzle attachment with wheel for use on rougher surfaces or spot cleaning large pools


  • The addition of a Vac-Mate in most skimmers allows you to control a suction cleaner while maximizing surface skimming, all with one simple setting of the control handle
  • Skims pool surface continuously while cleaner is operating
  • Traps debris in Vac-Mate basket before it reaches pump pot
  • Replaces most control mechanisms supplied with pool cleaners
  • Makes any suction type pool cleaner and wall skimmer fully automatic

Product Resources

Product Model Description Carton Qty Carton Wt (Lbs)
R191128 666H PVC handle, 1-1/4 in. x 6 ft. 12 13
R201146 204 Mini Vac, display box. 12 15
R201156 204 Mini Vac, bubble pack card 12 16
R201716 204 Silt socks, 3 per bubble pack 12  
R201718 204 Replacement bags, 2 per bubble pack 12  
Product Model Description Carton Qty Carton Wt (Lbs)
R211100   Fits Pentair Pool Products1 S-15VF, Certikin HD100; Filtrite SK950,910; Hayward SP1070; Jacuzzi PMP9411,9989; Kafko; Nally P1000; Pentair Pool Products 506300 Series; PoolRite; Quiptron; SwimQuip U3.1 6 21

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