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Fiberglass Tank With Multiport Valve, Clamp Style

Our process creates a one-piece, fiberglass reinforced tank with superior strength and durability. Tagelus Top Mount Filters are equipped with a six-position, top-mounted multiport valve.

  • Special lateral design provides superior flow characteristics and long filter cycles for economical operation
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi
  • Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy
  • 40, 50, and 60D models standard with plastic clamp

Note: Operating Limits - maximum continual operating pressure of 50 psi. Maximum operating water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C).

Product Features

Product Components

  • OneHi Flow™ Valve provides easy control of all filter functions
  • TwoExceptionally strong one-piece fiberglass-reinforced tank with UV-resistant surface finish for years of service

Superior Design

The Tagelus filter’s time-proven internal design ensures water is exposed to a maximum surface area of sand for optimal filtration performance and more efficient backwashing. Meanwhile, the flow system design also ensures maximum run times between backwashing to save you time.

Long-lasting Construction

The Tagelus filter tank is constructed from one piece of fiberglass-reinforced material to deliver unmatched strength and durability for years of service.

Product Resources

Turnover Capacity (Gallons)
Product Model Effective Filtrtation Area (Sq Ft) Flow Rate (GPM) 8 Hour 10 Hour 12 Hour All Sand Required (Lbs) Carton Qty Carton Wt (Lbs)
144126 TA 40D 1.8 40 19,200 24,000 28,800 175 1 30
144127 TA 50D 2.3 50 24,000 30,000 36,000 225 1 35
145241 TA 60D 3.1 60 28,800 36,000 43,200 325 1 38
145240 TA 100D 4.9 100 48,000 60,000 72,000 600 1 78
145385 TA 60D 2in 3.1 60 28,800 36,000 43,200 325 1 38
  • *: with 2 in. valve

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