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SS Series Filters

System:3 brings you the proven performance of Sta-Rite's sophisticated sand filter hydraulics in the easiest to operate filter. Highly efficient, its sophisticated design yields a uniform flow pattern. Modular filter tanks allows for quick change of filter medias without changing the tank. Contemporary style and matte black finish looks attractive in any pool setting.

  • Durable two-piece tank housing constructed of Dura-Glas™, Sta-Rite's industry leading glass-reinforced composite resin
  • The innovative design of the System:3 tank combined with the lateral/hub assembly produces a balanced flow of water and larger dirt holding capacity
  • The deep sand bed holds more dirt, resulting in longer filter cycles and less cleaning
  • Dual Drain Plugs – Side plug helps make sand removal easy, while the bottom plug comes with integral screen for easy draining without the loss of sand
  • Contemporary style and matte black finish looks attractive in any pool setting
  • Perfect for inground pools, inground hot tubs, and water features

Operating Limits – maximum continual operating pressure of 50 psi. Pool/Spa (bather) applications, maximum water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C).

Product Resources

Turnover Capacity (In Gallons) (Flow Rate x 60 x Hours)
Product Filter Area (Sq Ft) Flow Rated 1 GPM (Sq Ft) 6 Hour 8 Hour 10 hour Tank Port Size Sand 2 Required (lbs) Carton Wt (Lbs)
S7S50 2.4 36 - 48 13 - 17,000 17 - 23,000 22 - 29,000 2 in. 200 103
S8S70 3.4 51 - 68 18 - 25,000 25 - 33,000 31 - 41,000 2 in. 300 121
Product Description Carton Wt (Lbs)
18202-0150 ABS 6-Position Valve with Union Connections - 1-1/2" Valve Port 5
18201-0200 ABS 6-Position Valve with Union Connections - 2" Valve Port 8
263053 VLV Push Pull, 7.81" center  
262508 FullFloXF for System 3 D.E. and Sand, inlet on bottom, with Sta-Rite offset adapters glued on  
  • 1: Based on NSF recommended flow rate for commercial at 15 -20 GPM per square foot.
  • 2: Use only #20 white quartz silica sand, size range 0.40 - 0.55 mm; 12" to 15" sand bed depth required.
  • 3: Valves must be purchased separately.
NSF Certified
NSF Certified
Product Description Approx. Ship.Weight (lbs)
25021-2021 Sand Conversion Kit – S7S50 - Collector Assembly and Valve Sold Separately 5 lbs
25021-2025 Sand Conversion Kit – S8S70 - Collector Assembly and Valve Sold Separately 6 lbs

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