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PLD Series Filters

Sta-Rite® delivers the unique benefits of D.E. filtration using modular media technology. A single replaceable grid element captures more debris, delivering water of superior quality without the complex workings of other D.E. filters. Tank and one-piece design make this filter virtually maintenance-free. Contemporary style and matte black finish looks attractive in any pool setting. The small diameter footprint makes the System:2 filter a perfect fit for new and retrofit installations. Filter includes 2 in. drain ports, which are provided with reducer bushing and 1-1/2 in. drain plug.

  • Durable two-piece tank housing constructed of rugged ABS thermoplastic to ensure a long-lasting tank life
  • Easy-access, Posi-Ring® closure provides fast access to tank internals
  • Innovative balanced flow design for virtually maintenance-free operation for pools of all sizes
  • Complete media coverage combined with shallow pleats means greater dirt holding capabilities, resulting in longer filter cycles and less cleaning
  • Modular filter tanks allow for quick change of filter medias without changing the tank
  • Perfect for inground pools and inground hot tubs

Note: Operating Limits – maximum continual operating pressure of 50 psi. Pool/spa (bather) applications, maximum operating water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C).

Product Resources

System 2 PLD Filters
Turnover Capacity (In Gallons)
Product Filter Area (Sq Ft) Flow Rated 1 at 1-2 GPM (per sq ft) 6 Hour 8 Hour 10 hour Tank Port size D.E. 2 Required (Lbs) Carton Wt (Lbs)
PLD50 30 30 - 60 11 - 22,000 14 - 29,000 18 - 36,000 2 in. 63 37
PLD70 36 36 - 72 13 - 26,000 17 - 35,000 22 - 43,000 2 in. 4 38
  • 1: Based on NSF recommended flow rate for commercial at 1 -2 GPM per square foot.
  • 2: Do not use more D.E. than shown here. Mixed results with D.E. alternatives.
  • 3: PLD50 requires more D.E. than the PLD70 because of precoat design and flow characteristics!
NSF Certified
NSF Certified
Product Description Approx. Ship.Weight (lbs)
27002-0030S 30 Sq. Ft. Replacement Module for PLD50 10 lbs
27002-0036S 36 Sq. Ft. Replacement Module for PLD70 10 lbs
U78-820P 2 in. x 1-1/2 in. Pipe Reducer Bushing 1 lbs
27001-0130S Spring Check Valve 1 lbs

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