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More Cleaning Power Than Other Pressure-side Cleaners

The only pressure-side cleaner that scrubs for more efficient cleaning, the Racer cleaner gets pools sparkling clean with 25% more cleaning power, a massive intake and a built-in brush to tackle dirt and debris with ease.

  • Built-in, front-rotating brush deep cleans stubborn dirt
  • 40% larger vacuum intake inhales dirt and debris of all shapes and sizes
  • 25% more cleaning power than other pressure-side cleaners
  • Unique Night Cruize® LED Lights add ambiance and intrigue to nighttime cleaning

Product Features

Product Components

  • OneBuilt-in handle for easy removal from pool
  • TwoFour venturis for increased cleaning power
  • ThreeEasy and secure snap-on debris bag with one-button removal
  • FourWide tires for steady traction
  • FiveFront-rotating brush scrubs and scours for a deep clean
Feature 4

Powerful Vacuuming Basic Feature

The Racer cleaner features a 40% larger vacuum intake to aid in its aggressive pursuit of dirt and debris. This also means the cleaner is able to tackle debris of all shapes and sizes with ease.

Professional-grade Clean

Durable, rugged construction is at the foundation of the Racer cleaner’s intelligent design. It also delivers high-end looks and stylish appeal, and its wide tires and sleek body design allow it to cut through water with superior traction.

Night Cruize LED Light Technology

The Racer cleaner is the first automatic pool cleaner with underwater LED lights, adding brilliant lighting to nighttime cleanings. The twin LED lights are powered by the cleaner's own water turbine, so you'll never have to worry about replacing worn-out batteries.

Feature 2

Sleek Style

The Racer cleaner delivers nearly one-third more cleaning power than other pressure-side cleaners. The built-in rotating brush scrubs and scours for a deep and detailed clean, and the Racer cleans continuously in forward and reverse mode for fast, uninterrupted cleaning.

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