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Superior Maneuverability and Cleaning for Aboveground Pools

Meet the ‘Lil Rebel suction-side cleaner for aboveground pools, the latest member of Pentair’s Rebel® Cleaner family! Created specifically for aboveground pools, this automatic, suction-side, two-wheeled cleaner is the ideal size for the pumping capabilities and design of these pools. And, since it can reach tight spots other cleaners might miss, the ‘Lil Rebel gets rid of stubborn dirt and debris for a clean you can see and feel.

  • Two-wheeled maneuverability tackles more dirt and debris and provides superior coverage
  • Compact design handles tight corners and 90° angles
  • Dual-action roller skirt easily maneuvers over and around obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Sure-Flow Turbine enables clear passage for dirt and debris

Product Features

Lil Rebel feature 1

Created for Aboveground Pools

The ‘Lil Rebel cleaner has been created specifically to make owning an aboveground pool even easier. Perfectly sized for the design and pumping capabilities of aboveground pools, the ‘Lil Rebel’s sleek, modern design is the ideal complement for any pool environment.

Lil Rebel feature 2

Superior Maneuverability and Coverage

Its two-wheeled design means tough dirt, leaves and sand don’t stand a chance against the ‘Lil Rebel cleaner. Plus, the cleaner’s compact size enables it to maneuver into tight areas other cleaners might not reach. And, it’s Sure-Flow Turbine avoids clogging, which means dirt and debris are easily removed from your pool.

Lil Rebel feature 3

Uninterrupted, Thorough Cleaning

The ‘Lil Rebel cleaner also features a dual-action roller skirt, which allows it to easily move up and around obstacles in its cleaning path. And, its programmed cleaning cycle means more thorough cleaning coverage.

Lil Rebel feature 4

Easy Serviceability and Long Life

The Quick-Release Latch provides top access to the ‘Lil Rebel to make servicing the cleaner even easier. In addition, its rugged construction is backed by a generous two-year warranty.

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