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Program Your Pool Heater and Pump to Fit Your Schedule

With SunTouch, your pump and heater automatically run whenever you want, for as long as you want, so your pool and spa are always warm and inviting. Or, switch to manual mode for those spontaneous plunges. Either way, you’re in complete control.

  • One-touch function—no complicated routine to memorize
  • Ability to program pool and spa and 2 additional features. All circuits in the system can control 4 operating schedules (maximum 6 total schedules per system)
  • Supports 4 features circuits for programming convenience
  • Compatible with gas or electric heaters, heat pumps and solar systems
  • Temperature control can be set in 1° increments
  • Supports one IntelliFlo® pump and the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator

Product Resources

Product Description
520820 SunTouch Control System (pool/spa) - Includes 2 actuators and 2 temp sensors (20' water, 40" air) and 3 relays
520819 SunTouch Solar Control System - Includes 1 actuator, 1 solar valve, and 2 temp sensors (20' water, 40” solar)
520859 SunTouch Single Body Control System - Includes temp sensors (20' water, 40" air) and 3 relays
520856 SunTouch Solar w/ 3-way valve - Includes 1 actuator, 3-way valve, and 2 temp sensors (20' water, 40” solar)
520857 SunTouch Booster Pump Version - Includes 1 relay, 3-way valve, 2 temp sensors (20' water, 40” solar)
Product Description Approx. Ship.Weight (lbs)
521209 QuickTouch II Wireless Remote
520106 3HP Relay
520272 Temp Sensor
520198 2 Speed Pump Relay
ES03 Emergency Shut-Off Switch w/Audible Alarm
263045 Valve Actuator 25' Cable
520967 Light Direct Connect Kit (eliminates need for j-box)

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