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Monitor Pool Water Temperature and Solar Collectors With the Touch of a Button

The SolarTouch Solar Control System offers full digital control for the most precise, efficient, swimming pool heating possible. The digital thermostat is set with the touch of a button and will monitor the temperature of your pool water and solar collectors.

  • Digital calibration of water and solar temperature in 1° increments
  • Integrates with IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro® variable speed pumps for unparalleled efficiency
  • Set pool temperatures and solar temperature differentials with the touch of a button
  • Solar valve automatically drains the solar collectors when pump shuts off
  • Durable PTFE seal is maintenance free for years of dependable service
  • LCD display provides sharp, clear readings
  • LED indicator lights confirm SolarTouch is working; service indicator LED shows when attention is required
  • Motorized valve actuator is built to last with sturdy steel gears; highly efficient low-voltage motor; service switch for flow direction
  • Weatherproof composite enclosure
  • Nocturnal cooling and recirculation freeze protection with filter-pump timer override
  • 3-year warranty

Product Resources

Part Number Description Weight (lbs) Dimensions
521592 SolarTouch Solar System with Solar Valve, Valve Actuator, and 2 Temp Sensors (water and solar) 11 19.5" x 13" x 7.5"
521632 SolarTouch Solar System with 3-Way Valve, Valve Actuator, and 2 Temp Sensors (water and solar) 11 19.5" x 13" x 7.5"
521590 SolarTouch Solar Control only    
521942 SolarTouch Booster Pump    
521606 SolarTouch Flash Programmer (USB)    

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