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Advanced Automation Systems for Pools and Spas

IntelliTouch automation offers superior control systems from simplest to the most ambitious pool and spa designs, including water features and spectacular lighting effects. IntelliTouch systems offer innovative technology and a wide range of wireless and wired control panels that are easy to program with simple menus.

Product Features

Easy Operation

An IntelliTouch control system takes the work out of scheduling and operating pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles. It also gives you one-touch control over additional features. Plus, an IntelliTouch system makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost.

Cost-Saving Control

Pinpoint control over equipment operating schedules saves money. Plus, you can take advantage of off-peak electrical rates, when available. And, by only running equipment and accessories as much as needed to keep your pool and/or spa in top condition, you prolong the life of your equipment. IntelliTouch also lets you control money-saving variable speed pumps and solar heating systems.

Flexible Control Options

IntelliTouch systems offer a number of individual and multiple wired and wireless control devices for the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Plus, you can use a MobileTouch® Wireless Controller or add an optional ScreenLogic Interface to access your pool remotely using many popular mobile digital devices

Protect Your Investment

IntelliTouch systems sense conditions that could hamper operation and alert you to these situations or take automatic corrective action. It will also tell you when service is needed.

Customize Control With Personality Kits

You select one of IntelliTouch’s Personality Kits based on whether you want to control a separate pool or spa, a pool/spa combination with shared equipment or a pool/spa combination with separate equipment. Your Personality Kit determines the type and number of equipment and accessories you will control.

IntelliTouch feature 7

A Basic IntelliTouch System Involves Just Three Elements.

  • OneFirst is the Power Center which is installed at your pool equipment and contains all the electrical circuitry.
  • TwoSecond is one of the “Personality Kits” you select based on whether you want to control a separate pool or spa, a pool/spa combination with shared equipment or a pool/spa combination with separate equipment.
  • ThreeThird is your System Controller. Select from an indoor wall-mounted unit, MobileTouch® Wireless Controller or our ScreenLogic Interface for your mobile digital device, and now with the Apple Watch® wrist wearable device and Amazon Echo.

Product Resources


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Replacement Parts

IntelliTouch Automation
IntelliTouch Enclosure Kits - Ordering an IntelliTouch System - Step 1:
Product Description 3 HP Relays Std. / Max. Number of Circuit Breaker Spaces Transformer Voltage Size
521213 Load Center 5 /10 10 115V / 230V 26in. H x 17in W x 5-1/4in D
521214 Power Center 5 /10 None 115V / 230V 20in H x 17in W x 5-1/4in D
521215 Load Center 5/10 10 115V/230V 26 in H x 17 in W x 5-1/4in D
521216 Power Center 5/10 None 115V/230V 20 in H x 17 in W x 5-1/4 in D
IntelliTouch Personality Kits - Ordering an IntelliTouch System - Step 2:
Product Model Number High Voltage Circuits 3 HP Relays Kit / Total 2 Feature Circuits Valve Actuators Std. / Opt. / w/Module
  Pump,Filter & Heater shared between Pool and Spa by two automated 3-way valves        
521219 i5+3 Filter 4 Aux 0 / 5 10 2 / 4 / 7
521220 i7+3 Filter 6 Aux 2 / 7 10 2 / 4 / 7
521221 i9+3 Filter 8 Aux 4 / 9 10 2 / 4 / 7
  Two Pump, Two Filters, & Two Heaters for separate Pool & Spa        
521222 i10+3D 2 Filters 8 Aux 5 / 10 10 0 / 2 / 5
  Pump, Filter & Heater for an individual Pool or Spa        
521223 i5+3S Filter 4 Aux 0 / 5 10 0 / 2 / 5
521224 i9+3S Filter 8 Aux 4 / 9 10 0 / 2 / 5
521225 i5X Expansion Kit   0 / 5 0 0 / 2 / 5
521226 i10X Expansion Kit   5 / 10 0 0 / 2 / 5
IntelliTouch Interface Kits - Ordering an IntelliTouch System - Step 3:
Product Description
520138 Indoor Control Panel - 3-3/4 in monochrome backlit LCD. Wired to the Load or Power Center
520906 MobileTouch® - Wireless control panel with transceiver. 3-3/4 in monochrome backlit LCD
520500 iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch Interface Kit - includes a Protocol Adapter. Allows control IntelliTouch pool/spa systems via local wifi signal or remotely via cellular network. Also includes ScreenLogic Connect CD for use on up to four windows computers
522104 ScreenLogic Bundle (includes 520500 and 521964 in one box)

521964 ScreenLogic Wireless Connection Kit - Includes two radio transmitters that eliminate the need to run cable from the Load Center into the home where the protocol adapter and wireless router are located.
iS4™ Spa-Side Remote Control
Part # Description Weight Box Dimensions
521883 4-Button White 50ft 2 21" x 13" x 10"
521884 4-Button Gray 50ft 2 21" x 13" x 10"
521885 4-Button White 100ft 3 21" x 13" x 10"
521886 4-Button Gray 100ft 3 21" x 13" x 10"
521887 4-Button White 150ft 4 21" x 13" x 10"
521888 4-Button Gray 150ft 4 21" x 13" x 10"
521889 4-Button White 250ft 7 21" x 13" x 10"
521890 4-Button Gray 250ft 7 21" x 13" x 10"
521891 4-Button Black 50ft 2 21" x 13" x 10"
521892 4-Button Black 100ft 3 21" x 13" x 10"
521893 4-Button Black 150ft 4 21" x 13" x 10"
521894 4-Button Black 250ft 7 21" x 13" x 10"
  • 1: Requires purchase of an IntelliTouch ScreenLogic iTC Kit (iTC15, iTC25 or iTC35, iTC45)
Product Description Approx. Ship.Weight (lbs)
520442 i-Link Home Automation Adapter Interface for IntelliTouch - Enables homeowners using Home Automation systems such as Elan®, Crestron®, AMX®, Vantage, Lutron®, Control 4 and others to control IntelliTouch basic geatures via their Home Automation control interface. Call for other Home Automation system compatibility
520406 IntelliTouch Dimmer Module - Enables users to dime their Amerlite® and SpaBrite® lights up to eight levels (30% to 100%). Each dimmer module supports multiple lights from 100 watts up to 1,000 watts combined load using 120VAC (220VAC not supported). For example, a 500W and 100W Ameriite (total 600W) could be used with one dimmer module. Installs in a standard relay location. Any number of dimmers (up to 10 maximum) may be used with a maximum combined load of 4,000W. NOTE: Expansion Center Kit(s) may be required to house multiple dimmer modules (models i5x (P/N 521225) or i10x (P/N 521226). The IntelliTouch Dimmer Module is only designed to be used with pool and spa lights and not backyard lighting systems.
521209 QuickTouch II Wireless Remote Control - Four-function wireless remote for pool and spa functions. Operated within 250 feet range of Load or Power Center.
520403 Dual Heater Kit - This kit is for use with IntelliTouch systems and enables homeowners to utilitze a gas heater and heat pump. The IntlliTouch system determines which heat source is appropriate given the conditions. This kit disables any solar heating controls. The kit includes a heater relay and temperature sensor.
521178 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote, White 150 Ft. Cable
521176 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote, Black 150 Ft. cable
521177 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote, Black 250 Ft. Cable
521179 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote, White 250 Ft. Cable
521180 Mud Box for recessing SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote into deck or tile, includes cover plate
520199 1000 ft cable, four conductor, 22 AWG
520106 3HP Relay for IntelliTouch
RCSI Additional Spa Jets Swithc (for multiple jet pumps)
ESO3 Emergency Shut-Off Switch w/ Audible Alarm
520138 Indoor Control Panel for IntelliTouch® (White), additional
5204981 Panel Touch, Acc iTC35. Additional interface option
520967 Light Direct Connect Kit (eliminates need for j-box)
6870002 Telelphone remote control for any single circuit, usually Spa mode.
520272 Temperature Sensor
520198 Two-Speed 3HP Relay
263045 Valve Actuator
520285 Valve module for adding up to 3 valve actuators
520818 Com Port Expansion Module
A1101 Surge Suppressor for 115V transformer wiring
A1201 Surge Suppressor for 230V transformer wiring
520119Z Dead front panel replacement
520906 MobileTouch wireless Accessory Kit includes wireless remote and transceiver module with antenna
520907 Additional MobileTouch wirelss remote only
520090 iS4 remote with 50 ft cable, white
520091 iS4 remote with 50 ft cable, gray
520256 iS4 remote with 50 ft cable, black
520092 iS4 remote with 100 ft cable, white
520093 iS4 remote with 100 ft cable, gray
520257 iS4 remote with 100 ft cable, black
520094 iS4 remote with 150 ft cable, white
520095 iS4 remote with 150 ft cable, gray
520258 iS4 remote with 150 ft cable, black
520098 iS4 remote with 250 ft cable, white
520099 iS4 remote with 250 ft cable, gray
520260 iS4 remote with 250 ft cable, black

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