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Paradise Has Never Been More Portable

The IntelliCenter Control System for Pool and Spa is the latest automation innovation from Pentair. Easily and intuitively manage the features of your pool and/or spa from anywhere in the world with IntelliCenter’s remote access and built-in connectivity for the ultimate in convenient control.

  • Enables mobile access and smart home control for added convenience
  • New color touchscreen interface provides clear, intuitive display
  • Includes optional indoor control panel and wireless remote
  • Allows for remote temperature control so pool or spa is ready to use when you are
  • Provides real-time email alerts
  • Controls spa jets, lights and light shows, blower, water features, etc.
  • Interfaces with iOS®, Android® mobile devices, Apple Watch® and Amazon Echo®, enabling owners to check their pools status remotely.

Product Features

The IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator and IntelliChem Water Chemistry Controller from Pentair work with the IntelliCenter Automation System to deliver the ultimate in chemical and sanitizing management.

Clear and Balanced Water

The IntelliCenter Control System works seamlessly with the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator and the IntelliChem® Water Chemistry Controller for the ultimate in sanitizing and chemical control. Using common table salt, the IntelliChlor produces all the chlorine your pool needs, safely and effectively, and when it is paired with the IntelliChem, the result is crystal-clear water that is safe, balanced and inviting.

Pentair’s IntelliValve Valve Actuator works with the IntelliCenter Automation System to enable precise control of valve positioning and setup.

Precise Flow Control

Two IntelliValve® Valve Actuators are included as part of every pool/spa combination IntelliCenter Control System, which means you get the best flow control technology on the market. IntelliValve Actuators are intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to set the precise flow needed for slides, water features and spillways.

Effortless Remote Access and Control

The IntelliCenter Control System puts the management of your pool or spa right at your fingertips, whether you’re inside, in the backyard or across the world. IntelliCenter works with iOS® and Android® mobile devices, as well as the Apple Watch®, and AlexaTM pool control capabilities via Amazon Echo®. Plus, the optional indoor control panel and wireless remote—both with a new, vibrant color touchscreen—make pool and spa control even simpler.

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