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Turbocharge Your Pool and Spa Control System With Today’s Best Features

You’ve experienced the push-button ease of a Compool system. Now, you can make it even more convenient to run your pool, spa or combination with the added ease of a wired or wireless remote. Plus, you can program your equipment for optimal energy efficiency.

  • Allows easy upgrade to EasyTouch® Automation functionality for the following Compool® Systems: CP3400, CP3600, CP3800, CP3810, CP1000*, CP2000*, CP3000, CP30*, CP100*, LX100EZT*, LX100EZTL*, 520348*, 520349*, TimeMaster with LX-10 Power Center*Filter pump plus 7 auxiliaries
  • AUX extra support
  • Works with EasyTouch Indoor Control Panel (520549) and EasyTouch Wireless Remote (520547)
  • Supports 2 - VS or 2 - VF IntelliFlo® Pumps, iS4 and iS10 SpaCommand® Spa-Side Remotes, IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator, IntelliBrite® LED Lights, UltraTemp® Heat Pumps and MagicStream® Laminar Jets
  • 8 feature circuits
  • Supports IntelliChem® pH/ORP Control System**

*Requires Compool to EasyTouch Upgrade System with New System Transformer Kit (P/N 521247).

**Requires v2.100 firmware or higher.

Product Resources

Product Description
521107 Compool to EasyTouch Upgrade without transformer kit
521247 Compool to EasyTouch Upgrade with new system transformer kit
Product Description
520500 iPhone/iPad/iPod touch® Mobile Digital Device and PC and Mac® Computer Interface Kit*
520502 7" In-Wall Color Touch Screen Kit*
521964 ScreenLogic2 Wireless Connection Kit
520549 EasyTouch Indoor Control Panel (8 circuits)
520547 EasyTouch Wireless Remote (8 circuits)
521209 QuickTouch II Wireless Remote (4 circuits)
520092 iS4 Spa-Side Remote, White 150'
521178 SpaCommand, White, 150 ft. cable
521179 SpaCommand, White, 250 ft. cable
521176 SpaCommand, Black, 150 ft. cable
521177 SpaCommand, Black, 250 ft. cable
521180 Mudbox Accessory
263045 Valve Actuator
520272 Temperature Sensor (Air/Water/Solar, 20' Cable)
520818 COM port expansion Module
520554 IntelliChlor IC20 Cell*
520555 IntelliChlor IC40 Cell*
521105 IntelliChlor IC60 Cell*
520556 IntelliChlor Power Center
RLYLXD Relay Kit for 2 Speed Pumps
RLYLX3HP Additional 25 Amp, 3 HP Power Relay
  • 1: Requires the 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center when used with the Compool to EasyTouch System.

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